Analytics to fit your view of the world

Real estate investors face unprecedented change. Whether it’s responding to the ever-evolving demands of investor reporting; interpreting how, where and why your portfolio is performing; navigating complex trends; understanding your risk exposure or figuring out your overall strategy – the opportunities and challenges are greater than ever before. But informing the decisions that drive your business, has meant interrogating ‘one size fits all’ benchmark reports. Until now.

Explore how Enterprise Analytics can provide global market and portfolio analytics that fit your view of the real estate investment world.

MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics (Enterprise Analytics) provides global market and portfolio analytics that fit your view of the real estate investment world. Available through the MSCI Real Estate Analytics Portal, it’s an interactive tool that allows you to see and evaluate the total performance of your entire real estate portfolio, and how you’re managing it. It’s also a solutions engine that helps you review your performance on a relative or absolute basis. It provides analytics to help support your decision making whoever you are, wherever you are in the investment process, whatever your industry and when you need it.

Analytics to fit your view of the world in action

Enterprise Analytics gives you more access, to more data. It configures in the way you need it to, so you can get the analysis you want. This means it’s useful to more people in your organization. It’s interactive, allowing you to extract and interrogate the data you need, to the level of detail you need, whatever your task. It’s available when you need it, whenever that happens to be. This means it can be used more frequently, becoming the go-to place to support daily decision making. Our research on benchmarking in private real estate further highlights how increased use of analytics can aid decision making across the investment process. Go to our benchmarking page to read the full paper or watch a video summarizing the findings.

Providing the tools to answer the questions that matter, for the people that matter.

Enterprise Analytics isn’t just for portfolio managers and researchers. It’s a single source of analytics across all teams.

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Analytics to fit your view of the world in detail

Big picture and small detail

Enterprise Analytics delivers a far deeper analysis capability than ever before, with greater data interrogation. If you’re a large investment house it gives you everything you need in one place. If you’re a smaller investment house, you can achieve a granular analysis of your data. If you operate in just one market, you can get specific analytics to match.  If you operate in multiple markets, our methodology delivers consistency right across your entire portfolio and allows you to evaluate it on the same basis. Big or small, it delivers transparency at every level.

Across the investment process

Enterprise Analytics works across the entire investment process. By running track record analysis on segments of your aggregate portfolio, you can use it to support capital raising for new funds. Through consolidated measurement across all your MSCI Real Estate measured portfolios, composite views can help you manage and grow your business. By centralizing your data in one location, with analysis tools and export formats compatible with your own systems, you may gain operational efficiencies. By better understanding the drivers around performance, you are better informed to communicate the results to investors and prospects, as well as satisfy your own reporting needs.

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Analytics to fit your view of the world in summary

Enterprise Analytics now offers a single integrated analysis, supporting the needs of different teams within your firm. It uses MSCI Real Estate’s global methodology standards for real estate, helping you analyze consistently across markets, sectors and increasingly diverse portfolios. The new report and output formats save time and provide reassurance for investment committee decisions. The GIPS style track record analysis on your MSCI Real Estate measured portfolios supports investor engagement and marketing, helping you differentiate yourself from the competition. All with the flexibility of our data extraction that makes it easier to export in standardized formats to use in your own systems.

Enterprise Analytics is the go to place to support and inform your decisions every day. And you won’t find it anywhere else.

Analytics to fit your view of the world only from MSCI

Enterprise Analytics is only available from MSCI Real Estate. MSCI is the global investment analytics firm powering better investment decisions through relentless innovations in differentiated content, flexible technology and actionable solutions.

Introducing MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics

Patrick Saracino, Product Manager, MSCI Real Estate